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Reliable List Of Best Sportswear Brands Manufacturers In The UK

Sports have been the source of competition as well as a symbol of friendship between the countries. While the players and athletes work hard to make their nation proud, many people work behind the scenes to help them achieve that goal. These can be coaching staff, sports brands, and sponsors.

One of the key components on which sportspersons rely is their sporting gear. Sporting gear is as important for the players/athletes as their fitness regime. Without sportswear, today, a player/athlete can’t think of taking part in a competition.

Though it all looks easy superficially, sportswear brands and manufacturers work hard to produce quality products. These can be shoes, headgear, leg gear, t-shirts, jerseys, and more. The sportswear brands work on fabric, design, comfort, and durability to release the best of products in the market that can help the sportspersons focus on their goals rather than on anything else. A lot of thought should be put behind how to select sportswear as good sportwear means better focus and flexibility while playing. Check out How To Select Sportswear?, to find more answears. Also, you can check out What Is The Importance Of Select Sportswear? This will help you understand how selecting quality sportwear is crucial for your daily fitness and sports regime.

Whether you talk about jogging, running (Check out Advantages Of Sports Vests In Running Sports), yoga, cycling ,or any sport, sportswear and activewear play an important part. Without them, you will face a number of challenges that could physically affect your body.

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

This acticle will have following content:

  • Introduction Of Best Sportswear Brands And Manufacturers In Britain
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of These Sportswear Manufacturers Of United Kingdom
  • The Main Sourcing Channels And Supply Chain Of British Sportswear
  • The Main Reasons To Choose FitmanPro Sportswear 

There are several sportswear brands around the world today that have made their mark. In this article, we will focus on the newest list of best sportswear manufacturers and sportswear companies in the UK. 

Also, we will cover sportwear manufacturers which are crucial in today’s world because of the varying demands of customers.

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Introduction OBest Sportswear Brands And Manufacturers In Britain 

The UK has developed as a hub of fashion, and the sportswear industry is not far behind. Here is a list of some of the best sportswear brands and manufacturers in the UK:


Wiki: Umbro Sports  Facebook: Umbro 

Umbro is a known English sportswear brand around the world. It is one of the largest suppliers of sportswear in the UK. It is also one of the leading manufacturers of sportswear and football kits in the UK. The company was founded in 1920 in Cheadle, UK. Currently, it has its headquarters in Manchester, UK. Umbro has a specific focus on football kits consisting of jerseys, socks, shorts, goalkeeper gloves, boots, and more.

Umbro is one of the certified sportswear manufacturers in the UK that is now part of American firm Iconix Brand Group since 2012. Earlier it was owned by Nike, another popular global sportswear brand.  Umbro is one of the leading custom sportswear manufacturers in the UK and has one of the largest sportswear factories in the UK.

Fitmanpro Umbro Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In The UK

Carlton Sports

 Wiki: Calton Sports  Facebook: Calton Sports Facebook 

Carlton Sports is another popular sportswear manufacturer in the UK. It is one of the sportswear companies in the UK that deals in kits and apparel relating to badminton and table tennis. The company sells badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, bags, table tennis rackets, balls, and more. The company was established in 1946 and claims to have sold nylon shuttlecocks more than any other brand around the globe till now.

Fitmanpro Carlton Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In The UK

Dunlop Sports

Wiki: Dunlop Sports      Facebook: Dunlop Sports

Dunlop Sports is one of the popular British sportswear manufacturers dealing in racquet sports. It falls in the category of largest sportswear suppliers in the UK. As per the focus, the company deals in sports like tennis, squash, badminton, and padel. The accessories include balls, rackets, shuttlecocks, and bags. The apparels include t-shirts, shorts, headbands, wristbands, shoes, and more.

The brand is operated by SRI Sports and was established in 1910. It has its headquarters in Leatherhead, England. Initially, Dunlop Sports also dealt in Golf accessories but was later scrapped as the company division was sold.

Dunlop Sport is popular for its tennis rackets. Dunlop Sports’ tennis rackets have been used by some famous tennis players like Steffi Graf and John McEnroe. It is said that most tennis grand slams are won by players using rackets from Dunlop Sports.

Fitmanpro Dunlop Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In The UK

Gunn & Moore

Wiki:  Gunn & Moore      Facebook: Gunn & Moore

Often, you would have seen the cricketers using GM labels on their bats. GM stands for Gunn & Moore and is one of the best sportswear brands in the UK and even around the world. The company was founded way back in 1885 and has a good inventory of sports equipment relating to cricket. It has its headquarters in Colwick, Nottinghamshire.

GM manufactures bats, balls, protective gear, shoes, bags, and more. GM is used by some of the top cricketers in the world like Ross Taylor, Ben Stokes, David Malan, and more.

Fitmanpro Slazenger Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In The UK


Wiki:  Slazenger Sports         Facebook: Slazenger Sports

Slazenger is another popular sportswear and sports equipment brand born in the UK. It has headquarters in Shirebrook, Derbyshire. The company deals with equipment for sports like cricket, hockey, golf, tennis, and swimming. It also has its own clothing line and also manufactures shoes. The company was founded in 1881 and is considered to be a legacy. The company has sponsored some of the top batsmen like Sir Donald Bradman, Sir Viv Richards, Jacques Kallis, and more.

Fitmanpro Slazenger Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In The UK


Wiki: Gymshark        Facebook: Gymshark

Gymshark is another major British fitness apparel and accessories brand. It has headquarters in Solihull, England, and has become a known activewear manufacturer. The company is one of the largest gym wear manufacturers in the UK. It deals in t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, shorts, stringer, tracksuits, bags, and more. The products can be worn as sportswear too.

The company was founded in 2012 and was valued at over 1 billion pounds. The company does not operate have any permanent retail outlets and mostly does business through online platforms. Gymshark has offices in London, Mauritius, Hong Kong, and Denver. It also finds its place in top custom activewear manufacturers.

Fitmanpro GYMSHARK Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In The UK

Advantages And Disadvantages Of These Sportswear Manufacturers Of United Kingdom 

While every brand discussed here has a name in the sportswear industry, there are some drawbacks of these companies too. Let’s check them out.



  • Quality: Umbro is a known brand worldwide and quality is one of the factors why it is popular. Umbro uses skilled labor and quality fabrics to deliver unmatched products.
  • Design and Style: Umbro is pretty flexible with designs. With a primary focus on football, the company manufactures some really attractive designs relating to socks, shorts, training jerseys, and more. The sportswear created by Umbro is pretty stylish and popular among people.
  • Top international standards: Umbro relies international production standards that are used worldwide. It uses advanced technology to create products that are highly recommended. They have dedicated research team that works hard to create stylish design and durable products.


  • Price: Umbro products are a bit heavy on the pocket but they are comparatively cheaper than Adidas and Nike.
  • Limited Range: Umbro has a limited range of products as its primary focus is on football merchandize and products.

Carlton Sports


  • Best in the business: Carlton sports is involved in badminton and table tennis. It is considered to be the best in the business when it comes to these sports. The company produces high-quality equipment and apparel.
  • Fabric Quality: Carlton Sports produces quality products. They place a special focus on fabrics and manufacture exclusive sets of clothing and shoes.


  •  Limited Range: Carlton Sports has a limited range of sportswear even when it comes to badminton and table tennis. They have failed to produce diverse products over the years.

Dunlop Sport


  • Wide Range: Dunlop Sport has a good and wide range of products in the area of racquet sports. There are varieties of apparel and sporting equipment available.
  • Fine Quality: The company is known for its quality products. They handpick fabrics for apparel. It deals in rackets, balls, bags, apparel, accessories, and more, and every product is top-notch.
  • Light on pocket: Dunlop Sport has products available at reasonable prices.


  • Ease of access: Dunlop Sport website does not have the option to shop online. You need to find a retailer in your area to get their products.

Gunn & Moore


  • Popularity: Gunn & Moore is a popular cricket sportswear brand. It has been trusted by many professional cricketers around the world.
  • Quality: GM is a big name in the world of cricket and establishes superiority when it comes to quality. Not only playing equipment like bats, balls, etc., but the company also manufactures quality shirts, protective gear, shoes, and more.
  • International Standard: GM is a brand that is known worldwide. This is because it has a legacy of producing quality products with fulfilling designs and style.


  • Price: The brand is a bit expensive.
  • Limited Range: GM has a limited range of products as it specifically focusses on cricket.



  • Range: Slazenger covers a wide range of sportswear products and apparel from sports like cricket, hockey, swimming, golf, and more.
  • Trusted brand: Slazenger is a trusted brand and has been used by many known cricketers and golfers.
  • Quality: The company is one of the standard sportswear manufacturers in the world and is considered to be one of the best sportswear in the UK. The foundation of this popularity is based on the fact that Slazenger lays focus on the quality of fabrics and materials that it uses. All the apparels are tailor-made to suit the needs of the sportspersons.


  • Price: Slazenger is a bit heavy on pocket. But this issue gets masked by the fact that the products are of great quality.



  • Quality: Gymshark produces great quality apparel and products. The fabric used by the company is best in the business and is woven from the best technology available in the market.
  • Range and design: Just like other brands, Gymshark has a good range of activewear products. The company focuses on modern designs that are attractive and suitable for the current generation of sportspersons.
  • Custom clothing: Gymshark is also one of the custom clothing manufacturers or custom activewear manufacturers. This makes the brand versatile and popular among people.


  • Limited Reach: Gymshark caters only to activewear and thus has a limited audience to target.
  • Lack of innovation: Though the company focuses on its range of products, yet the innovation is somewhere lacking. 

The Main Sourcing Channels And Supply Chain Of British Sportswear

The sportswear industry is ever-growing as more and more people are getting engaged in sports. Britain, and for that matter, UK, is the hubs of sports and has produced great sportspersons and athletes over the years.

Sports are pretty much popular in the UK and there has been ever-rising demand for jerseys, playing shorts, playing t-shirts, auto racing clothing and apparel, and many other outfits in the country. An active lifestyle has created a space for activewear and sportswear manufacturers and the business has grown over the years.

With such high demand, sportswear manufacturers in the UK have established various sourcing channels and supply chains so that there is no roadblock in the sportswear business and the products are ever available to the people. Supply chains and sourcing channels ensure that the best quality products are available to the people.

There are custom sportswear suppliers too that work as per the growing demands of customers. They are important in the current world as they will shape the future of sportswear.

There are multiple wholesale activewear suppliers and sportswear suppliers that keep the process working churning out and fulfilling the demands from the market.

After the United States and China, UK is probably the next hub of sportswear industry.

The surging demands have led to the establishment of several wholesale sportswear suppliers, gym wear manufacturers, custom clothing manufacturers, sportswear vendors, and activewear vendors.

Some of the main sourcing channels and supply chain of UK sportswear include:

· Blue-associates-sportswearOne of the popular UK sportswear and activewear suppliers that work in the areas of cycling, running, swimming, ski, gym, and fitness. This supply chain was founded in 1997 and has till now worked with over 120+ sportswear brands. Contact

· Chadwick textiles limited: Chadwick textiles limited also known as Chadwick Teamwear was established in 1967 in the UK and is one of the premium suppliers of sportswear and other sporting garments. Contact

· Magz GroupMagz Group is one of the renowned suppliers of custom sportswear in the UK. It was established in 1990 and is considered to have established a base in the UK in the production and supply of sportswear goods. Contact

· 4U Sports: The Mumbai-based (India) sportswear supplier specializes in sportswear production. It produces tracksuits, shorts, skirts, and gym accessories. Contact

· NG Apparels: This Indian company custom-makes sportswear and garments. With over 45 years of experience, NG Apparels also specializes in printing, embroidery, and embossing. Contact

· Warrix Sports: Established in 2013, Warrix Sports is a Malaysian supplier that produces jerseys, sports outfits, and training and sports equipment among others. Contact

· Sports Equipment Holdings: Founded in 2000 in Singapore, the firm deals in the sale of sports apparel and equipment including boats and bicycles. Contact

· Guangzhou Ingor SportswearIt is a rapidly emerging sports apparel designer and manufacturer. Ingor Sportwear was founded in 2009 in China.  They manufacture sportswear for kids, men, women, and a range of gym products. Contact

· FitmanPro Established in 2013 in Pakistan, Fitmanpro Sportswear specializes in designing and manufacturing racing products.

Fitmanpro Sportswear stands out among the different sportswear suppliers firstly because it is one of the biggest suppliers and manufacturers of racing products and secondly because it caters to the sportswear market in Pakistan which is huge.

The biggest plus point of Fitmanpro Sportswear is that it also manufactures custom sportswear. Handling the demand is not easy in China and Fitmanpro identifies that. Its smooth manufacturing process helps in handling the sportswear demand, no matter how big it is. 

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The Main Reasons To Choose FitmanPro Sportswear 


Fitmanpro is one of the leading manufacturers of racing clothing. It also designs the racing clothing that it manufactures. The company has actively worked with Formula 1 and Formula E teams including Red Bull Holden, Ferrari, Mercedes, Jaguar, Vortex 888, and more.

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Fitmanpro is also known for its custom sportswear products. In fact, Fitmanpro is one of the known brands when it comes to custom sportswear not only in China but also around the world. Right from selecting fabrics to manufacturing sportwear (Check out Steps To Produce Custom Sportswear In Pakistan), everything is properly taken care of by Fitmanpro when it comes to producing custom sportswear.

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

 Source: Pixabay

Another great thing about Fitmanpro is that it also manufactures custom t-shirts. This is something that is in trend today and will remain for years to come. Due to ever-rising customer needs and demands, manufacturing custom t-shirts has become important and it is worth doing business in.

Check out How To Print Custom Sports T-shirt In China Sportswear Factory for more information.

The company also designs and manufactures clothing for big companies like Wilson Security, Virgin Train, McDonald, Run Australia, Securitas, and others. The company has an in-house embroidery unit that claims to produce 2400 pieces of wear every day. Fitmanpro doesn’t bargain on quality and uses state-of-the-art technology from Japan, Taiwan, and Germany.

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Source: Pixabay

Fitmanpro also has skills in its arsenal that many leaders in the industry don’t have. These are:

  • Screen Printing
  • Rubber Printing
  • Sublimation
  • Heat-transferring

The company has 160 skilled workers that make almost 600 quality shirts each day. Additionally, three lines served by 120 workers manufacture almost 1800 tees per day. This is worth noticing because Fitmanpro is fulfilling the market demand on day-to-day basis.

Fitmanpro also lays specific focus on testing of its products inclusive of fabric. These help in maintaining quality standards for which Fitmanpro is renowned worldwide.

The delivery time of export around the world is pretty good. The company uses ports in Ningbo and Shanghai to deliver its goods around the world. It takes 30 days to import goods in Europe and the west USA, 20 days to deliver in the east USA, and 16 days to deliver to Australia.

Fitmanpro works with many universities, colleges, and design studios. It also has a team of experienced designers that work round the clock producing excellent products. It has 4 factories and 2 design studios that are operational 24×7.

One of the great features of Fitmanpro is that it is a known name in Europe, especially in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Being such a large exporter of sportswear products, there is no question about its credibility. Fitmanpro is also pretty much popular in Australia.

Fitmanpro deals in the following range of products:

  • Custom Sportswear
  • Sports Teamwear
  • Custom Workwear and Uniforms
  • Promo and Events Clothing
  • Fitness Clothing and Activewear
  • Casual Apparel and Sports Fashion Clothing
Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Source: Pixabay

Last but not the least, Fitmanpro considers packaging and shipping products as an important step. Though it is the lasts step in delivering the products, it is very important because there is no use until and unless the products reaches the consumer. Various precautions have to be taken care of while packaging and shipping. These include using the right material for packing and using international standards for shipping.

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier Source: Pixabay

FitmanPro is probably the most convenient and exclusive brand that can be used by clients who require custom sportswear. Fitmanpro can also be used by clients who prefer embroidery-based products and printed sportswear. 


As per the trends and market situation, it is totally safe to say that the sportswear manufacturers will not bear the brunt of the pandemic and thus will remain winners in 2021 and 2022. With the inclination of more and more people towards sports and fitness, the sportswear industry is here to stay.

Also, sportswear is no more dedicated to athletes only. It is being actively used by people citing fitness and health issues as well as sporting inclination. In fact, due to the change in the thought process, both sportswear and activewear brands have seen a rise in sales.

FitmanPro Sportwear is one of the top sportswear manufacturers in China and caters to heavy demands not only in China but around the world. The sportswear firm uses the best technology and manufacturing processes that furnish top-quality products. With the rise of sportswear demand, the future looks bright for FitmanProand other sportswear giants.

Download the new catalog from FitmanPro Sports: 

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