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What Is The Importance Of Select Sportswear?

Have you ever been reluctant to exercise because of the appearance of your sportswear?

Do you feel that the body will be sweating after exercise, why not choose other wearing apparel clothes?

Do you think the sportswear will affect the sport?

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

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This article talks about the importance of select sportswear from two aspects:

1. The development history of sportswear.

2. Talk about the importance of sports wear from the comfortable sportswear.

Part 1: The development history of sportswear

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Sportswear has a long history. After time has evolved, sportswear has become more and more different. Let’s take a look at the history of sportswear.

uThe turning point of the 20th century:

When the first modern Olympics were held in 1896, upper class athletes at the time wore only basic clothing such as ordinary T-shirts and shorts. At that time, female athletes still needed to wrap themselves tightly. For female athletes, clothing caused great difficulties for them to exercise.

In 1908, women began to swim, and women’s sportswear began to change. Annette Kellerman came up with the idea of creating a bathing suit with a leotard.

u1920s and 1930s:

In 1922, Suzanne Lenglen appeared at an open tennis tournament in a short skirt and used a headband to tie her hair.

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In 1930, there was the first woman- Gertrude Ederle to cross the English Channel wearing a swimsuit similar to a modern vest-style swimsuit designed by herself.

u1940s and 1950s:

With the development of the times and advances in technology, the range of fabrics in the 1940s and 1950s has expanded. Nylon materials are no longer used in military equipment, but in the manufacture of running shorts and windbreakers. Synthetic fabrics are also widely used in sportswear.

u1960s and 1970s:

The times are developing, and sportswear is also developing. Before the 1960s, the use of sportswear still had limitations, and sportswear was merely an athlete’s sportswear.

In 1970, a series of sportswear appeared for the first time and was launched by Levi Strauss in 1980.

uModern sportswear:

The pace of sports has never stopped, and the development of sportswear has never stopped. Modern sportswear is a look that once women could not imagine. It is comfortable, loose and fashionable, and brings comfort to everyone. What is even more surprising is that in modern times, if you want to make sportswear according to your own ideas, you can tell the sportswear manufacturer your ideas, and the sportswear manufacturer will help you customize sportswear according to your ideas and actual conditions.

Part 2: The importance of sports wear 

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Comfortable sportswear can have the following advantages:

Comfortable sportswear has a great influence on athletes. It is also very important to select sportswear. Uncomfortable sportswear will affect the performance of athletes. The following is about the role of comfortable sportswear.

1. Increase athletes’ confidence in sports:

Studies have shown that wearing the suitable clothing in the place will have a positive impact on the wearer. For example,when you are attending a grand dinner, everyone else is wearing a suit and evening dress, and only you are wearing a shirt and shorts, then you will feel embarrassed and unwilling to show.

2. Enhance the athlete’s desire to exercise:

Everyone wants to look beautiful or handsome. If athletes are satisfied with their sportswear and feel that this set of sportswear can make themselves look comfortable, it will indirectly enhance the athlete’s desire to exercise.

3. Improve the freedom of movement of athletes:

The most important thing in sports is to move freely. Comfortable sportswear will also enhance the freedom of movement. Wearing tight-fitting shirts to play basketball, then athletes will definitely feel the tightness of the body when shooting, which affects the effect of the exercise.

4. Improve the safety of athletes in sports:

In the heat of summer and cold in winter, comfortable sportswear and breathable sportswear can protect the athlete’s body. For example, when running outdoors in hot weather, applying a lot of sunscreen will only block the athlete’s pores. Why not choose breathable sportswear and sunscreen sportswear?

5. The correct sportswear helps repair after exercise:

Compression sportswear can play the effect of promoting blood circulation, the more blood flow through the muscle can reduce the lactic acid produced more movement and reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

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When we understand the development history of sportswear, you will find that sportswear is constantly evolving with the changes of the times. The only thing that remains unchanged is that sportswear is important to both sports and athletes.

This is the end of the article. If you want to custom sportswear, you can contact us. We are Yinshan Sportswear, a manufacturer and exporter of professional custom sportswear; if you choose us, we will seriously complete the order; if you have If you have any questions, we will provide you with free and professional answers.

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