How To Select Sportswear

How To Select Sportswear?

“Life is movement”. For people who love sports, exercise is something that must be done every day. Exercise can exercise the human body and improve the body’s immunity. After exercise, the person’s whole body can be relaxed and stress can be released. There are also many types of sports, and different sports should wear different sportswear. if you are looking for Custom Sportswear Manufacturer you can visit this post:

PART1: There are many types and styles of sportswear. When selecting sportswear, you should first meet the following two basic requirements:

1. Sportswear Fit

Select the size of your sportswear according to your body type. In sports, sportswear that is too wide or too narrow will have an impact on the movement. For example, wearing too wide clothes will easily go out when doing handstand exercises. A well-fitting custom sportswear can make the athlete clearly feel the changes in the body during exercise.

2. Athletic wear fabric

When selecting sportswear, the most important thing is to wear it comfortably. The custom athletic wear fabric standard is also especially important. Here are some best fabric for sportswear and comfortable athletic wear fabric suggestion:

1. Coolmax Fiber

Coolmax fiber is the most popular sportswear fabric in the market. Because of the unique flat cross-shaped structure of this fiber, Coolmax fiber can quickly wick away sweat and evaporate, which can achieve the function of cooling down.

2. Lycra

Lycra is a man-made elastic fiber that is not easy to deform, elastic and extensible. The fabric can be used on close-fitting clothing, such as swimwear.


Polyester fiber is the best elastic fabrics. It is also a common fabric used in sportswear on the market. It has excellent wear resistance and is hard to break.


It is a kind of synthetic polymer material. PTFE can breathe in oxygen and discharge water vapor like human skin, and it is resistant to high temperature.

5. Pure cotton 

The pure cotton fabric has no chemical composition, it is comfortable to wear, has good air permeability but is easy to wrinkle.

PART2: Different sportswear for different sports

The following describes three types of sports: aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, and mixed aerobic exercise. And different sportswear for different sprts.

1. Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is the exercise that a person does when the body is able to supply enough oxygen. Aerobic exercise can exercise the human heart and lungs and aerobic exercise can allow the exerciser to absorb more oxygen and improve the ability of the exerciser’s heart and lungs. Common aerobic exercises include running, cycling, yoga and swimming.


How To Select Sportswear, Running clothing manufactrer
  • It is recommended to wear running sportswear like compression pants.

Wearing compression pants can help support your muscles while running. Wearing compression pants can help secure joints, reduce muscle jitter during running, and effectively protect your knees and joints.


How To Select Sportswear, Yogawear Manufacturer
  • It is recommended to wear professional yoga sportswear with good elasticity.

Yoga can have a shaping effect on a person’s body, and at the same time it will improve a person’s temperament. Yoga moves are more soothing but the range of movements is larger. Select professional yoga clothes with good elasticity.


How To Select Sportswear , Girl is Swimming
  • Select the right special swimsuit according to your own situation.

There are special swimsuits for swimming, and there are many styles of swimsuits: split swimsuits, two-piece swimsuits, high-waist swimsuits, bikinis, etc., you can select according to your body and needs.

2. Anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise is the opposite of aerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is strenuous exercise in the state of “lack of oxygen” in the body muscles. Anaerobic exercise can consume a lot of energy in the body, increase the rate of metabolism, and at the same time can enhance the strength of human muscles and expand muscles. Common anaerobic exercises include boxing, weightlifting, pull-ups, running, high jump, long jump and so on.

1.Strength training

  • We recommend sportswear that is pressure resistant and can absorb sweat quickly, such as sportswear shirt.

Boxing and weightlifting are strength training. The intensity of strength training is relatively high. So when selecting sportswear, you can select some sportswear shirt that is resistant to pressure and can breathe and absorb sweat quickly.


  • Recommended quick-drying sportswear.

When racing, the speed is relatively fast and the intensity is high. You can select quick-drying sportswear with better elasticity to reduce the discomfort caused by sweat to the human body.

3. Mixed oxygen exercise

Mixed oxygen exercise can be understood as a combination of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, that is, vigorous exercise under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply. Mixed oxygen exercise is good for the body to quickly adapt to drastic changes. Common mixed aerobic sports are: tennis, basketball, football and other ball sports.

1.Ball games

  • Recommend elastic clothes and a pair of non-slip shoes.

When playing ball games, the joints of the athlete’s body need to be flexibly rotated and the body is also stretching. You can select elastic clothes and a pair of non-slip shoes.

If you are physically and mentally exhausted, annoyed and want to release stress, put down what you have in your hands, select a suitable set of sportswear and go exercise!

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