List of Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers in Korea

List of Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers in Korea

The involvement in sports has helped in developing fitness and skills for many people around the world today. Relationships between people have been enhanced due to sporting activities borne from strong team spirit in making efforts to achieve a common goal.

Performance level can mostly be affected by sporting equipment. Sportswear helps in posture balance, ease in early morning runs, yoga exercises, gym sessions, football games, hockey games, and even homemade exercises. The expectation of achieving great results can influence your choice of having the best sportswear. Need to know all the necessary information on how to select great sportswear? Check out our How To Select Sportswear. You can also get more knowledge on What is the Importance of Select Sportswear? It’ll help you understand how to choose the best quality sportswear suitable for your sports routine. The effect of sportswear decisions has much impact on every sport.

This article will be centered on the following contents:

1. What Are The Best Sportswear Brands In Korea? And What Are Features, Pros and Cons for Listed Sportswear Companines?

2. Some Of The Reliable Suppliers for Korean Sportswear Brands.

With the growing list of sportswear brands in the world today, many people have to go through a tough decision-making process when they want to purchase sportswear products. Here, in this article, the large focus will be on the recent list of the best sportswear manufacturers and suppliers in Korea.

What Are The Best Sportswear Brands In Korea? And What Are Features, Pros and Cons for Listed Sportswear Companines?

Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers in Korea

Korea has grown tremendously in fashion over the years becoming more detailed in outfit choices and this has played a key role in its sportswear industry. Sportswear brands in Korea have developed over the years in the global front in the fashion industry which also spreads across to the sportswear niche showing extreme levels of expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

A large number of sportswear companies today are in existence in Korea but few of this large number has really hit the mark beyond local dominance. Some of the best sportswear brands in Korea are listed below:

Black Yak

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Black Yak , FitmanPro Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers in Korea

Black Yak is one of the giant sportswear companies in Korea founded by Tae Sun Kang, born out of a small store idea of clothing and equipment. Still being family-run, stands as a big name in the clothing industry. Being likened to their interest in top quality products which has affected their quality production of best sportswear for athletes to protect them against uncomfortable temperatures. The company has a strong working relationship with the best designers, manufacturers, and product developers.

Due to multiple collaborations with partners, the company has experienced major development in meeting international standards to give their customers the satisfaction of using the universal best products including sportswear.

Black Yak is a top-level activewear manufacturer, producing fine fabric sportswear with fashionable touches attractive to the market. Their quality has not dropped over the years and the company has maintained a great customer base. The company is also a custom sportswear manufacturer. The company produces a large stock of sportswear and their online presence has helped in their visibility to potential buyers of their products.

Product rangeThis includes a lot of products like shoes, tracksuits, hoods in different sizes, designs, colors of different ages. This allows customers to make the right decisions in purchasing their products.Price levelThe prices are quite high and not affordable to some of their customers.
Global brand:Black Yak has a strong online presence that has helped in promoting its stand in the global fashion market.
High quality:Their products are of great quality in production and even maintainable after purchase.


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Nerdy is a Korean-based fashion brand. This brand is one of the top listed sportswear companies in Korea. With awesome products and captivating service performance, the company has sponsored several korean-based competitions and has close contact with a lot of customers who have patronized their products over the years. With high-quality assured products, Nerdy customers have fewer worries buying their uniquely designed products.

Good fabric:Nerdy has good fabric. The quality of their clothing accessories has been proven to last long.Visibility:The name Nerdy is not well known globally which as a result has limited their customer reach.
Best Comfort:Provide very comfortable clothes and shoes for their customers. With well-fitted products, adjustments are almost not necessary for their customers.
Cost friendly:The company’s products are cost-friendly with awesome quality to back up the prices.


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FCMM is one of the best sportswear brands in Korea who are known as pure manufacturers of Sportswear though have diversity in other daily wear. The main aim of FCMM is to give the athlete, team players, and yoga students that fleek a look in sports attire. Stylish in design and very efficient in production, FCMM focuses on leading the fashion industry with new trends often. Having a record of customer reviews on their amazing products.

FCMM is a brand outstanding on its own and the products can easily be spotted anywhere.

Quality:The company has a taste for good quality in their products.Product choice:FCMM produces limited types of products. Specialised in sportswear production and a little bit of other wear.
Global brand:FCMM is well known as a sportswear manufacturer around the globe. It stands as a strong force in the market
Distribution Channel:The distribution channels are very effective and less stressful.



PRO-SPECS specialises in sportswear and athletic shoe production. A South Korean based company that basically produces clothing and footwear for athletes. Created in 1981 and managed in Seoul (headquarters). Pro-Specs founded by Al Spector has evolved in recent years.

The company is a proud sponsor of many sportsmen, competitions (Korean League Cup), and sports teams which include Oh Kwang-soo, Ulsan Hyundai FC (1994-1996), Kia Tigers (1982-2001), Hanwha Eagles (2002-2004), Lotte Giants (1983, 1993-2000), MBC Chungyong (1983-1984), Chungbo Pintos (1985), Ssangbangwool Raiders (1994-1996, 1998-1999), SK Wyverns (2000), Wonju Dongbu Promy (1997-2000), Ulsan Mobis Phoebus (2002-2005), Incheon ET Land Elephants (2005-2008), Changwon LG Sakers (2008-2011), Seongnam FC (2000-2009), Pohang Steelers (October 1987-1989, 1993-1995)  etc. PRO-SPECS has made a name in the sportswear fashion industry.

Focus:PRO-SPECS is wholly customer-centered and desires to meet the needs and requests of its customers regularly.Price:This brand’s pricing policy has not been friendly to some of their customers as it has pushed some customers to other brands with relative products and cheaper prices.
Product quality:Like the others, Pro-Specs has been a great competition to other brands in the market due to their high-quality products.

Some Of The Reliable Suppliers For Korean Sportswear Brands


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IAM  Sportswear is a well-known brand in Singapore. Founded in Bangkok, Thailand, 2006 by Mr. Kawinwat Rueanburi. The company delivers quality sportswear products at awesome prices.

In 2018, IAM developed from a national brand to one with a global identity in the fashion industry. With many people purchasing sportswear products from them, the company has achieved success in the sportswear market and owns a large percent of the market.


Quality Products:IAM boasts of great quality in the products they supply. This has resulted in trust and reliability between them and their customers.Product Price:The prices of the products are quite high compared to other brands.
Value in Price:Expensive products or not, you can be assured of a value equivalent to the price of the product you are purchasing.


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Amoybrand as a global brand has been in existence for some time now and has a large customer base. Supplying clothing products to people in many countries in Asia. It has a wide range of women’s sportswear, tracks for both sexes, sports bra, and other sportswear products for both men and women. Being seen as a sportswear vendor in many countries in Asia, Amoybrand has been involved in countless sales of sportswear products to consumers over the years with a steady stream of consciousness of the endless needs of the customers to own quality and satisfactory sporting equipment for their sports routine. Amoybrand’s Sportswear products come in different sizes, styles, and prices depending on the choice or preference of their customers. This has influenced better customer service in relation to reviews and customer response to sportswear brands in the market.


Wholesale Services:Amoybrand has access to complete sources or sportswear manufacturers. People can buy sportswear in bulk at Amoybrand conveniently.Limited Products:Amoybrand doesn’t produce many types of products compared to their competitors.
AccessibilityAmoybrand’s stores are very accessible in many countries. With effective contact addresses, comes more advantage compared to other brands.
High quality:The brand deals in high-quality products that help customer satisfaction in using products purchased from them.


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 FitmanPro Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers in Korea

FitmanPro is a leading sportswear manufacturer and has been in operation for a long time with the sole aim of providing quality sportswear products to their customers. Being well-known to various suppliers of sportswear, Fitman Pro has grown to become one of the best sportswear brands in Korea. Fitmanpro, originated in 2013 in Pakistan as an activewear manufacturer as well as providing supply services to customers has maintained quality production and steady growth of itself against competitors.

Being in vogue with the recent technological advancements, FitmanPro produces sportswear and accessories of top quality and also provides quick delivery services to customers regularly. With smooth progress in the manufacturing process, FitmanPro has been able to increase sales and majorly provide optimal satisfaction to the customers.

Possessing a large number of skills and expertise in its employees, FitmanPro improves in every production period with much concern to customer feedback on every purchase made.

FitmanPro boasts of awesome designs, fabrics, washing, embroideries, printings, materials, efficient packaging, and shipping services. The choice of FitmanPro Sportswear cannot be regrettable.

Why Should You Choose FitmanPro Sportswear?

FitmanPro is one of the best sportswear manufacturers and activewear vendors of racing clothing, you can trust the brand to always deliver. With previous records of working experience with several Formula One teams.

 FitmanPro Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers in Korea

How to find high-quality clothing manufacturers

Distribution in Korea

With the emergence of new developments in technology, business, and health relating to Covid-19, FitmanPro Sportswear has not stopped operation and customers are assured of good safety measures within Korea. The distribution centers and workers are responsible for a large part of the operation and success of the distribution process. Safety measures have been taken into consideration to reduce the level of inefficiency in our distribution channels to our esteemed customers.

See: Introduction and Instruction of Shipping and Delivery of Sportswear

Personalized Design

Seen as one of the best Korean Sportswear manufacturers, FitmanPro Sportswear invests much into state-of-the-art designs of the various sportswear. FitmanPro , with good manufacturing equipment and quality technological know-how, can satisfy the desires and requests of their customers as well as sports teams.

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Diverse Product Set

FitmanPro provides a wide  range of products including:

• Sportswear and Teamwear

• Customised Sportswear

• Promo and Events Clothing

• Fitness Clothing and Activewear

• Casual Apparel and Sports Fashion Clothing

Certified Brand

FitmanPro can be classified as a trusted and reliable brand with certifications as a D&B, Sedex, Oeko-tex 100, BSCI, Azo-Free brand.


Not looking away from Covid-19 safety measures, FitmanPro has moved a step higher in providing safe packaging of all Sportswear products; packaging boxes to convey the products already placed in standard plastic bags.

Utilizing Technology

FitmanPro Sportswear utilizes very recent technology upgrades relative to the manufacturing process of sportswear production such as automatic sewing machines, washing machines, and many others.


Your Sportswear decision plays a major role in your day-to-day performance which makes it necessary to consider the quality of the products you choose that can match your style or preference, comfort, and convenience. Field performance is directly related to good sportswear choice. FitmanPro promises to help you on your path to maximum satisfaction. The name FitmanPro can be seen on every list of sportswear manufacturers among other brands in the market.

Seen as one of the best manufacturers of Sportswear in Pakistan, FitmanPro has a better stand as a global brand than being a local brand with a large number of customers around the world. The company is continually working to enhance premium quality and maximum customer satisfaction. So you might want to consider FitmanPro for all your sports apparel.

Download the new catalog from FitmanPro Sports:

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