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List Of Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In Russia

A good pair of sportswear and athletic wear is always a fantastic motivator for a sportsperson. Slim fit tights or knit stretch shorts are ideal for yoga, while skinny fit track pants are ideal for running or exercising. On the other hand, neoprene is excellent for those who frequently come into contact with water; sports fleece and microfibers are two more prominent materials utilized in athletic wear design. Surprisingly, today’s fashionable and contemporary sports clothing is in high demand all around the world. 

Participating in sports is beneficial to people from all areas of life as it has helped us improve our skills and abilities as humans. The plethora of sports companies that are constantly evolving nowadays has made athletics much more accessible. Wearing the appropriate sportswear may elevate our experiences to new heights, which is why these companies are continually inventing new training outfits and shoes to help us stay in shape.

Looking at the best sportswear manufacturers in Russia, we focus our attention on the world’s largest country. While they are few and few between, their contribution to the world of fashion is undeniably distinctive and provides a viewpoint unlike any other. The sportswear brands in Russia are more diverse. The culture is similar to other hubs: passionate creatives try to make a name for themselves and still follow the sportswear manufacturers standard. However, Russian Sportswear manufacturers circles are likely to be smaller and more closely knit.

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

This aricle will introduce the following contents: 

What Are The Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In Russia? 

Some Of The Reliable Suppliers For Russian Sportswear Brands 

Reasons To Choose With Fitman Sportswear For Your Sportswear Business in Russia

1. What Are The Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In Russia?

Take a look at these, a selection of Russian sportswear brand and manufacturers:


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BOSCO Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian Fitman Pro Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian

In 1991, the very first Bosco di Ciliegi store opened in Moscow, Russia. They have progressed from a brand to a way of life through time. Bosco makes comfy and warm clothing that is quite popular among the new elite’s golden youth. The business designs uniforms for Russian Olympic teams, including those for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi and Spanish, Serbian, and Ukrainian factions. In Moscow’s famous business districts, such as GUM, Petrovsky and Smolensky Passages, Vesna on Novy Arbat, as well as other cities like as St. Petersburg and Samar, Bosco di Ciliegi has nearly 200 mono-brand boutiques providing fashionable clothes and accessories

BOSCO Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian Fitman Pro Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian

Products and Features

BoscoSport and BoscoFresh are two full and separate lines that reflect the brand. The Sport line is unique apparel for athletics and energetic recreation that makes games and sports more comfortable and enjoyable for athletes. The Fresh line is the custom clothing manufacturing line for the whole family that was designed to be a fashionable wardrobe for travel and active relaxation. Bosco is a brand of clothing with easily recognized calligraphy. The eternal desire to understand the world, as well as the emotions that come with sports and outdoor activities, are blended in attractive and comfy clothing that produces design and ambiance for the entire family. Their sportswear comprises clothing, footwear, socks, and other equipment required by athletes.


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Demix Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian Fitman Pro Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian

Demix is a sportswear line that debuted in 2008, Miklukho-Maklaya street, Moscow. Since then, they’ve been working hard to guarantee that their consumers don’t miss out on the fun of sports. A worldwide team of athletes, designers, and sports equipment specialists work with Demix in close collaboration with the Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore to produce the finest products. The company’s objective is to provide creative, technologically advanced, yet inexpensive items that will make your workout more pleasant, no matter where you do it.

Demix gives you the most freedom to express yourself via sports. All that is required is your determination and a comfy, fashionable form.

Demix Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian Fitman Pro Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian

Products and Features

Sportswear, footwear, and accessories are all part of the Demix line. Demix is a custom activewear manufacturer that makes sports uniforms and other sewed items, as well as providing screen printing and embroidery services for garments. The firm also makes athletic footwear in addition to uniforms. They make tennis shoes, basketball shoes, golf shoes, hiking boots, and running shoes, among other sports shoes. This collection of their clothing is made to fit a variety of sports, including jogging, training, fitness, and football.


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Bask Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian Fitman Pro Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian

BASK Company Limited is a Russian research and production company (since 1992) located in Moscow. They specialize in creating and producing clothing for the lowest temperatures, equipment for outdoor activities, and extreme sports (ski clothes, hiking clothes, climbing clothes, hiking – equipment, and accessories). They are one of the leading outdoor companies on the Russian market known for over 30 years. Beyond the Polar Circe (for temperatures as low as -40°C), BaskCity, BASK kids, Expert, BASK Adventure, and Accessories are the six collections and product lines that make up the brand’s manufacturing.

Bask Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian Fitman Pro Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian

Product and Features

The main distinguishing aspect of BASK’s sportswear is that it is designed to keep the customer wearing it warm. This is something you’ll see in all of their items, from men’s clothes to children’s clothing to women’s clothing.

Clothing, Equipment, and Accessories are the three primary areas of BASK products.


Jackets, jackets, raincoats, pants, skirts, fleece, thermal underwear, sweatshirts, shirts, and T-shirts are all included in BASK’s male and female sportswear collections. Jumpsuits, Semi-overalls, sleeping bags, Backpacks, and other distinctive accessories distinguish the baby collection from the adult categories. 


Sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, handbags, awnings, Bauls, and hermetic bags are just a few of the items available from BASK. These items are meant to assist tourists and athletes who are traveling far from their homes.


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Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Sputnik1985 is a Russian activewear brand that began in 2011 in Moscow with a handful of screen-printed T-shirts homemade, but has since evolved to become the ideal uniform for Russian inner city youth. The clothing – sweatshirts, t-shirts, windbreakers, and packs – are functional, the prices are reasonable, and the sentiments (“I’ll always be against”, “I’m worse than you”, “No chances”) are cynical and reckless. They play a critical role in ensuring the quality of their products. The slogans for the brand also represent a cohort born in the 1980s and 1990s’ complicated perspectives regarding the future and their place in society.

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Product and Features

Sputnik 1985 hoodies and sweatshirts are professionally designed on sweatshop-free, sustainably sourced fabric and come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and styles. Go two sizes bigger if you prefer your hoodies baggy.

Women Fitness: T-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, trousers, backpacks, and accessories are available for women. That might make a female feel fashionable. During cultural activities, their clothing appears to be welcoming.

Men’s Fitness: Sputnik1985 also offers activewear for men, lads, gentlemen, chaps, hombres, and any other type of guy, in a variety of styles and patterns. T-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, trousers, backpacks, and accessories are all part of their collections. 

Accessories: Bags, keychains, and socks are among the Sputnik 1985-inspired items made and sold by artists.

Sputnik1985’s main output targets people aged 14 to 26, making the brand a unisex company. However, this suggests that they have little regard for children in their work.

2. Some Of The Reliable Suppliers For Russian Sportswear Brands

 Fitman Pro Sportswear Manufacturers in Russian

This is a list of trustworthy wholesale activewear suppliers with transparent supplier chains.

DRH Sports

DRH Sports, founded in 1998 in Sialkot, Pakistan, has carved out a niche for itself in the athlete outfit industrial sector. As among the most proficient Sublimated Sportswear Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters from Pakistan, DRH Sports is a brand in the industry for delivering world-class Sports equipment and clothing. They have a large and spacious workshop in which all of the modern machinery necessary for the faultless manufacture of our sportswear is placed. Aside from that, they offer customizing services for various sorts of sports uniforms. DRH Sports has a number of good characteristics that have helped it achieve such a high turnover, including a well-equipped production facility with all of the latest machinery, contemporary quality control procedures that ensure zero faults in the products, and more. Customization of the offered items, Huge and powerful distribution system, affordable items, and prompt delivery, among other things.

Tesco Sports

TESCO Sports has been manufacturing sportswear and thermal clothing, sports and thermal underwear, and sports and thermal graded compression socks in Italy since 1976, utilizing materials such as Thermolite, Dryarn, Meraklon, and merino wool. TECSO received the ISO9001 to guarantee their quality because of their very unique brand. They create for men, women, and children. The TECSO branded goods are designed to achieve excellent performance and thermal comfort in a variety of activities, with a focus on skiing, snowboarding, trekking, hiking, hunting and fishing, jogging, and cycling. They are known as well for been a prominent activewear manufacturer and a consistent supplier to their respective outlets and activewear vendors.


Sampiyon Sports

Sampiyon Sport established in 1973 in İstanbul, Italy, is a producer and major supplier factory that has been producing sportswear, group wear, supporter items including banners, and promotional wear like tracksuits, shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, tights, raincoats, jackets, team sets, beanies, scarves, and gloves for all types of football, basketball, and others since 1973 in the highest quality and at better cost. They have ISO 9001 certification. They have a monthly capacity of over 100.000 scarves and beanies per 75.000 shirts, and they refresh their product selection every month, presenting new ideas to their consumers and working together with them by designing their own collections.


Demspor Ltd. Sti

Dem Spor Tekstil San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. is a Turkish corporation founded in 2006 with its headquarters in Istanbul. It specializes in the Cut and Sew custom clothing manufacturing business. DEMSPOR offers a diverse variety of goods to enable effective product sales and support. DEMSPOR offers a diverse and integrated product portfolio, and product management that prioritizes high availability and competitiveness benefits consumers.

Limitless jersey designs, multiple color and printing possibilities, big order quantity, supply of sample production for a fee, new feature for professional athletes and sports groups, excellent wash durability print, premium ecologically friendly material, and so on are among their services.


Fitman Pro



Fitman Pro Sports and Garments Factory was founded in 2013 and has spent over three decades designing, manufacturing, and distributing athletic and casual clothes. Custom Sportswear, Sports Teamwear, Custom Workwear and Uniform, Logo Design Promo Clothes and Events Outfit, Fitness Gear and Gym Clothing are among our goods you will get when in business with FitmanPro as the largest wholesale sportswear supplier from china. FitmanPro Sportswear has 600 skilled staff working in three facilities with ten full manufacturing lines. They have a creative team of 16 specialists that can help their clients with marketing research, sportswear recommendations, artwork, and pattern creation.

The FitmanPro digital factory is outfitted with cutting-edge machinery that ensures precision, high-quality product assembly, and quick turnaround times. During manufacturing, they also use a modern scientific laboratory where professionals inspect the quality of materials, research the characteristics of down, and develop new insulation based on it. They have a skilled team of designers, engineers, technicians, and manufacturing employees that can take a project from concept to completion. Production, materials, and accessories are all held to a high standard. A group of athlete’s tests clothes and equipment under extreme circumstances. 

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Introduction of FitmanPro SportswearFitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier 

Sialkot FitmanPro Garments Factory, specialized in manufacturing custom sportswear, was founded in 2013 in Sialkot, Pakistan’s largest garment manufacturing district, providing a fantastic business climate. The firm has manufacturing premises of 12000 by 5600 square meters. It employs over 500 skilled workers in six major production lines and an autonomous R&D team of 30 specialists capable of creating appealing designs for consumers.

We specialize in Sportswear Teamwear, and Promotional Products at FitmanPro . We are now collaborating with several major companies, including Mercedes-AMG, Red Bull F1, YAMAHA, Aprilia, and Honda in MotoGP, the Australian Open, and the Tour De France, among others, which will result in more innovative designs as a result of FitmanPro tremendous design capabilities.

FitmanPro prioritizes quality in their goods; therefore, we created a “Six Steps Quality Inspection System” in 2000 and received ISO9002:1994 in 2000, which was later upgraded to ISO9002:2000 in 2004. We’ve also set up two new divisions to help with product diversification: knitted garments and embroidering.

We have a design department and a third design studio on staff, and we can offer expert advice on textiles, embroidery, printing, production, and packaging.


Sportswear, such as tee shirt, polo shirt, hoodies, vests, jackets and smart joggers, as well as baseball hats, are ingrained in our daily apparel. As a result, you should be aware of which sportswear companies are among the finest, if not the best.

FitmanPro sportswear russia manufacturers 2

FitmanPro is a major sportswear manufacturer, distributor, and supplier specializing in sportswear, racing gear, yoga wear, fitness apparel, motorcycling apparel, riding apparel, men and women’s clothing, baby and children’s clothing, and more. This makes us amidst the leading wholesale sportswear suppliers of sporting equipment rated above.

We hope you’ve found this information useful in your quest for a provider. Visit custom made team clothing, which offers information on other comparable goods, to discover more about these in other countries.

Download the new catalog from FitmanPro Sports:  E-Catalogue

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