Advantages Of Sports Vests In Running Sports

If you look carefully, you will find that many running sports, such as marathons, hurdles, sprints, long-distance running, etc., athletes participating in the competition wear sports vests. Why does the sports vest and running sports have such a high degree of fit? This article mainly talks about why sports vests are suitable for running sports.

This article mainly tells from the following points: 

1. Fabric selection of sports vest

2. Advantages of sports vests in running sports

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1. Fabric selection of sports vest

Similar to other sportswear, sports vests have many fabric selections, which can be divided into cotton, polyester, and spandex. These three fabric selections are also the most common fabrics in sportswear. These three fabrics are often integrated with each other to form the material of sportswear.

1a. Cotton fabric features

As the most common clothing material, cotton has distinct advantages. Cotton is soft and comfortable, and will not cause discomfort when it comes in contact with the skin. Cotton fabric is a breathable fabric with sweat absorption function. When we run, we will have a lot of sweat, which will bring discomfort to the skin and adversely affect the exercise. The cotton fabric can help us solve this problem and make us more natural in running sports. Easy to clean is also an advantage of cotton material, Make the cleaning of the sports vest easy.

1b. polyester fabric features

Polyester fabric is currently the largest variety of synthetic fibers. The biggest advantage of this fabric is wrinkle resistance and shape retention. Polyester fabrics also have higher strength and elasticity. These advantages allow the sports vest to maintain its shape during running sports. In other sports, polyester fabric has become one of the main fabrics of sportswear because of these fabric features.

1c. Spandex Fabric features

Spandex fabric is also a fabric that often appears in sports vests. The biggest advantage of spandex fabric is that it has good elasticity, This fabric feature makes the sports vest more comfortable and better maintains its shape during running. However, spandex fabrics are generally not used alone, and are often mixed with other fabrics.

2. Advantages of sports vests in running sports

There are three main advantages of sports vests in running.

2a. Lighter weight

Running sports is a vigorous exercise that keeps all four limbs working together. The weight brought by the running sportswear will have an adverse effect on our running. Therefore, the lighter the running sportswear, the more comfortable we run and the less resistance we receive. Compared with sports T-shirts that are also suitable for running, the sports vest has two sleeves less, so it will be lighter in weight. For athletes competing on the field, running with a sports vest can reduce the weight that sportswear brings to the body and make it easier to perform at a high level. This also applies to running enthusiasts.

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2b. Stronger heat dissipation

Compared with sports vests, sports T-shirts have two more sleeves than sports vests, making them less breathable and heat-dissipating during exercise than sports vests. As we know, the armpit is an extremely prone area to sweat. When we wear sports T-shirts for running, because of the two sleeves, we will feel that the armpits are constantly sweating and appear slimy, which makes people feel very uncomfortable and affects the running state. The sports vest has no sleeves, and is more breathable than sports T-shirts, which is more conducive to the heat dissipation of our armpits when running, so that the body’s heat dissipation becomes better, making us more comfortable in running sports. This is also the reason why the sports vest is the most popular of all running sportswear.

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2c. Body movements are more natural

Running requires continuous swinging of the upper limbs. The swing amplitude and frequency of the upper limbs affect the state and speed of running. For the athletes, it affects the performance even more. Obviously, sports vests are more suitable than sports T-shirts in this regard. The sports vest can avoid the friction between the arms and the clothes, eliminate the discomfort caused by the friction between the arms and the clothes when the arms swing, so that our body movements become more natural when running and show the best running state.

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Sports vests are very common in sports and are not limited to running. You can also see sports vests in other sports, such as basketball games, yoga training, and fitness. These are enough to prove that sports vests have obvious advantages in sports clothing.

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