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How To Print Custom Sports T-shirt in Pakistan Sportswear Factory?

With the development of the times, printing technology has brought more choices to custom sports T-shirts. While people are increasingly pursuing individualization, printing technology can make it more convenient for people to custom sports T-shirts. So, how to print custom sports T-shirts in Pakistan sportswear factory? What is the printing process in Pakistan sportswear factory?

Fitman Pro sportswear is custom sportswear manufacturer and exporter. It has many years of experience in customized sportswear. It has strict requirements for the production of products to ensure that each product is a product that customers are satisfied with. So, we will take you to see how sports T-shirts are printed and how it works.

The Article IDivided Into Four Parts:

1. The definition of printing and types of printing methods

2. Common printing principles of custom sports T-shirts and printing advantages and disadvantages

3. Printing process of custom sports T-shirt

4. T-shirt matching

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier
Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Part1: The definition of printing and types of printing methods

Printing is a process of making garments, and patterns can be printed on the garment group. The choice of printing process can be selected according to the pattern of the printing. Common types of printing methods are as follows: screen printing, digital direct injection , glue printing, heat transfer printing, dye-sublimation printing, etc.

Part2: Common printing principles of custom sports T-shirts and printing advantages and disadvantages

1. Screen Printing

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Screen printing that most people know. In the early days, screen printing has been used. So why is the screen printing technology so famous?

Screen printing technology uses screen printing inks, which are thicker than other printed inks, making the printed sports T-shirts more colorful and ensuring that the printed patterns can last longer. 

Printing principles: screen printing using a screen to as a substrate, the method using a photosensitive plate for printing large areas of sports T-shirt.

Printing advantages:

The patterns printed by the screen printing ink are more vivid and have long lasting power

Production speed

Compatible with most fabrics

Disadvantages of printing:

Screen printing ink is easy to overflow

It requires a large space and environmentally demanding space

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2. Digital Direct Injection

Printing principles: as the name said digital direct injection, using an ink jet method, it can be sprayed directly on the T-shirt fabric movement, pattern generation. Digital direct injection is suitable for more complex products, and can print even the smallest parts. Digital direct injection can process the pattern through the computer, saving a lot of time and completing customized sportswear T-shirts faster.

Printing advantages:

All colors can be printed

Short printing time and fast production speed

The printed sports T-shirt feels better

Disadvantages of printing:

Only suitable for making pure cotton sports T-shirts, which has strong limitations on fabrics

The price of the printing machine is high, and the production cost is high

The color does not last long, the longer it is, the easier it will fade

3. Glue Printing

The glue printing has a wide selection of customized sports T-shirt fabrics, and its limitations are small. When using glue pigment, the glue pigment will solidify after drying.

Printing advantages:

Not easy to deform

High degree of reduction of printed patterns

There are few limitations on the choice of fabrics

Disadvantages of printing:

Printing speed is slow

High cost

4. Heat Transfer Printing

Printing principles: heat transfer printing only appeared in the late period. The use of heat transfer printing requires transfer paper to print the pattern on the transfer paper first, and then transfer the pattern on the transfer paper to the sports T-shirt fabric after high temperature and pressure.

Printing advantages:

Simplified printing time

The pattern is clear and has a sense of hierarchy

Disadvantages of printing:

Need to spend a lot of transfer paper

Will produce sewage, which is not friendly to the environment

5. Dye-Sublimation Printing

Printing principles: dye-sublimation printing is a kind of thermal transfer technology. It first prints patterns by numbers and transfers them to sports T-shirt fabrics through high temperature heating.

Printing advantages:

Strong printing durability

The pattern printed by sublimation printing feels good

Disadvantages of printing:

There are requirements for sports T-shirt fabrics, it is best to have more polyester fabrics, the better


PART3: Printing process of custom sports T-shirt

The common printing process has been introduced above, so let’s take thermal transfer as an example to take a look at the specific printing process of customized sports T-shirts.

Step1: First, prepare the transfer paper. It can be known from the above-mentioned thermal transfer that this printing technology needs to be printed by transfer paper.

Step2: Select the high-resolution picture to be printed. Determine the picture you want to print on the sports T-shirt.

Step3: Check the mirror image sports T-shirt pattern. If the transfer paper is printed on a dark sports T-shirt, there is no need to reverse the image; on the contrary, when printing on a light sports T-shirt, you need to pay attention to the mirror setting.

Step4: Check whether the image size matches the transfer paper size, and you can change the image size.

Step5: Fix points on the intaglio according to the size of the picture

Step6: Put the intaglio on the printing machine and install it, and print it on the PET polyester film to form a thermal transfer printing film

Step7: Put the printed film on the heat transfer printing machine and print it

PART4: T-shirt matching

People are increasingly pursuing individuation, and more and more people pay attention to how to wear individuation. Next, let’s take a look at the sports printed t-shirt matching.

The above is all about how to print custom sports T-shirts. If you are interested in us, you can check our website, or if you have any questions about custom sportswear, you can also contact us.

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