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Why Cycling Clothing Are Suitable For Cycling Sports

Cycling sports is a very common mode of sport in daily life. If you look carefully, you will find that most cyclists wear cycling clothing while riding. So what are the characteristics and advantages of cycling clothing?

This article will introduce from the following points:

1. Cycling clothing fabric selection

2. Advantages of cycling clothing in Cycling sports

3. Choice of cycling clothing

4. Personalized customization of cycling clothing

Cycling clothing are professional sportswear worn when riding bicycles or motorcycles. However, generally what we call cycling clothing refers to bicycle cycling clothing, motorcycle cycling clothing is more called “rider clothing” or “racing clothing.”

Cycling clothing can be divided into two parts: cycling tops and cycling pants. Cycling tops are divided into long-sleeved cycling tops and short-sleeved cycling tops.

1. Cycling clothing fabric selection

Cycling clothing is a special kind of sportswear, which is somewhat different from other sportswear in terms of fabric selection. The choice of fabrics for cycling wear is mainly polyester fabrics and Lycra fabrics.

1a. Features of polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is a variety of synthetic fibers. Fabric features are wrinkle resistance, shape retention, and high elasticity and strength. In addition, polyester fabrics also have the function of absorbing sweat and waterproofing. Cycling sports is a strenuous sport with a certain intensity, which has higher requirements for cycling clothes. Features of polyester fabric can keep the shape of the cycling clothing and avoid wrinkles. The sweat absorption function makes the cycling clothing more breathable and better adjusts the temperature balance of the rider.

1b. Features of Lycra fabric

Lycra fabric is a fabric made of spandex fiber, also known as “spandex fabric”. Fabric feature is that it has a high degree of stretch, can be stretched very easily, and can be restored to its original shape after stretching, and it has very little binding force on the human body. The application of lycra fabric can make the cycling clothing have good stretchability. Lycra fabric can be mixed with any fabric and is called “friendly” fabric.

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2. Advantages of cycling clothing in cycling sports

2a. Reduce wind resistance

Cycling sports is a sport that tests speed and endurance. When riding a bicycle, it is affected by the direction of the wind. Reducing wind resistance is essential to increase the speed of riding. Cycling clothing are mostly tight-fitting, and the degree of fit with the human body is much better than that of ordinary sportswear. During riding, it can reduce the wind resistance and greatly reduce the impact of wind resistance on the rider.

2b. Reduce wear and tear with the body

Ordinary sportswear, such as sports vests, sports T-shirts, and sports shorts, are relatively loose, and will rub against the skin under the action of wind in cycling sports. Long-term friction is not only bad for our skin, but also affects us riding experience. Cycling cycling are more close-fitting than ordinary sportswear, which can effectively reduce the friction between clothing and skin, and make us more comfortable when riding.

2c. Designed to fit cycling sports

The design of sportswear is often suitable for the characteristics of sports, and the same is true for cycling clothing. General cycling clothing will have pockets on the clothes, which can be used for cyclists to put some necessary items, such as pumps, keys, mobile phones and other items, and can also put some snacks, which can supplement energy during rest. This design is very suitable for cycling sports, so that we don’t need an extra backpack when riding, which reduces our burden when riding. In addition, cycling clothing are often designed with reflective strips, which can make us more easily noticed when riding. This advantage is more obvious when riding in the dark.

3. Choice of cycling clothing

Cycling clothing, as a special sportswear for cycling sports, has become an essential sports equipment for cycling enthusiasts. How to choose the right cycling clothing is very important for cycling enthusiasts.

Cycling clothing are divided into long-sleeved cycling clothing and short-sleeved cycling clothing. We can choose long-sleeved cycling clothing when it’s cold, and short-sleeve cycling clothing when it’s hot. We try to choose cycling tops with pockets so that we can place some small items. Some cycling clothes are designed with reflective strips to make it easier for us to be identified when riding, and to improve our safety when riding.

4. Personalized customization of cycling clothing

Nowadays, cycling enthusiasts are more and more interested in custom cycling clothing and adding their favorite elements to the cycling clothing. For example, add the logo of the relevant cycling club or favorite pattern on the custom cycling clothing, or add a sentence expressing your own thoughts on the custom cycling clothing. This kind of personalized customization makes cycling clothing more fashionable, highlights the individuality of cyclists, allows more people to feel the charm of cycling, and makes custom cycling clothing as a fashion clothing.

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