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How To Start A Sportswear Business?

Establishing a sportswear company is not a simple matter now, and it is the same for other types of companies. Everyone hopes that their company can continue to develop upward, but as the market gradually matures, no matter it is in any industry, there are very mature competitors. So, why can their company become a successful sportswear company? How to become a successful sportswear apparel company? How to develop sportswear business?

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Pakistan’s FitmanPro sportswear has a long history of establishment. It is a professional customized sportswear company, mainly dedicated to racing suits, and has also cooperated with many foreign racing teams. Since the establishment of FitmanPro Sportswear, FitmanPro Sportswear also has some experiences and suggestions of its own. Let’s take a look.

The Article Expands From The Following Parts:

1. Concept Of Sportswear Business

2. Market Research And Business Plan Of Sportswear Company

3. Costs And Budget For The Business

4. Brand Development Of Sportswear

5. Design Your Own Sportswear

6. Sampling With Qualified Supplier

7. Work With Right Manufacturer Of Sportswear

8. Delivery And Distribution

9. Take Your Clothes To Market And Make Profit

PART 1: Concept OSportswear Business

We must first understand sportswear concept and concept of sportswear business.

1a. Sportswear concept: Sportswear refers to clothing that needs to be worn during exercise. Different sports have different sportswear. Sportswear is more breathable, quick-drying, and elastic.

1b. Concept of sportswear business:

The popularity of sportswear has also aroused people’s desire to sell sportswear. People opened sportswear factories, made sportswear, produced sportswear, and set up sportswear companies to sell sportswear. Companies that specialize in custom sportswear have also emerged, in order to more conveniently meet the individual needs of consumers.

PART 2: Market Research And Business Plan OSportswear Company

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Before establishing a sportswear company, it is necessary to establish a sportswear plan. It is necessary to conduct market research on the sportswear industry and have a business plan. This is the basis for the development of sportswear business.

2a. Market Research:

Market research is to help you better understand the entire industry, and it is also helpful to establish a business plan. For the scope of market research, we should start with friends around to the entire sportswear apparel industry. For friends around you, we must understand their views on the sportswear industry and their evaluation of the sportswear industry. You can also learn about friends who love sports, and learn about their insights on the trends in the sportswear industry.

2b. Business plan:

The business plan is to integrate the research cases and own opinions after doing market research. Making a business plan is something that every company will do. The business plan is conducive to attracting other investors, or showing the situation of their company to other investors. Making a business plan is conducive to strengthening trust with investors or partners. For the company, it helps to understand and analyze the development of the company, which is more conducive to the success of the company.

PART 3: Costs And Budget For The Business

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Business costs and budgets should actually be estimated when preparing the business plan. If you want to start a sportswear business, it will definitely cost and expense. Business costs and budgets need to be estimated. Costs are planned, estimated, formulated and controlled based on time, cost, quality and other factors. If the funds are insufficient, the source of the funds must also be considered.

When estimating business costs and budgets, we first need to estimate the cost of the scope of the sportswear project that the company is going to do, and then we have to think about the cost of this sportswear project, how long it will be spent, and how long will it take. In addition to these, uncertain factors such as risks and emergencies must also be considered. If there is an emergency, funds should also be reserved to avoid delaying the progress of the sportswear project.

PART 4: Brand Development Of Sportswear

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

If you want to start a sportswear business, sportswear company must have its own brand. A brand that belongs to you can deepen the impression of others. A brand is like the facade of a company, and it must be able to integrate with the company’s products, so when designing a brand, you need to consider the look of your brand logo. Logo is mainly composed of two parts, one is a specific English word, and the other is a symbol or pattern.

4a. There are two ways to make a logo:

1. Find a professional design team. You can tell them what you think and the effect you want, or if you have a pattern you want, you can tell them. If you want to make your logo have a specific meaning, you can also tell them your story, and they will design it for you.

2. Another way is to make it yourself. With the development of the Internet, if you don’t know what pattern to use, you can go to search engines to find inspiration. There are also many free production tools on the Internet. If you want to integrate the materials you are looking for, you can also use these tools to complete.

4b. After you have your company’s logo, you have to think about how to develop your company’s brand and make your brand impressive.

1. The first thing is to make the brand have integrity. If you can’t let others see the brand’s logo, it will create a bad impression in your mind. People have stereotypes about things or people. Once a bad impression is formed, it is difficult to change. Therefore, in terms of product quality, production time, after-sales and other aspects, we must ensure that customers are satisfied.

2. Promote the brand reasonably under the rules. You can advertise for the company’s brand, but the publicity also requires cost, so appropriate publicity should be carried out according to the cost.

PART 5: Design Your Own Sportswear

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

After the above steps, everything is ready, and now I have to design my own sportswear. When designing your own sportswear, you must first determine what kind of product you want. Although FitmanPro Sportswear is a company that specializes in customizing sportswear, it is mainly dedicated to racing suits. FitmanPro sportswear also has some self-designed sportswear for customers to choose and refer to. Therefore, whether it is customized or not, you must have your own products.

When designing sportswear, you can draw a draft design first, and make a technical package that suits the company according to your own inspiration and the effect you want. If you want to continue to change the product in the future, you can also modify it on the technical package.

PART 6: Sampling With Qualified Supplier

Before mass sportswear, you need a sample, you can choose a qualified sportswear supplier to make the sample. What is a qualified sportswear supplier? A qualified sportswear supplier should have the relevant certificate, can produce the sportswear you want to meet your requirements for sportswear, and have a good service attitude. Cooperating with a qualified sportswear supplier can increase the chance of success. For how to find customized sportswear suppliers in China, please refer to this link: How To Find Right Custom Sportswear Suppliers In China?

PART7: Work With Right Manufacturer OSportswear

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

A proper sportswear manufacture is very important for a company. Only design without productivity is not enough. In the period of fierce competition in the sportswear industry, it is necessary for sportswear company to have a stable and suitable sportswear manufacture for long-term development. Sportswear business cannot be carried out without sportswear manufacture.

When looking for a suitable sportswear manufacture, determine the following conditions:

7a. Can sportswear manufacture produce your product?

This is the most basic question. There are many types of sportswear and fabrics, and there are also some special sportswear fabrics. Not all sportswear manufacture can produce all sportswear. So when choosing sportswear manufacture, you must first make sure whether you can produce your product.

7b. The geographic location of the garment manufacturer.

Every country has sportswear manufacture. When choosing sportswear manufacture, you can have foreign and domestic choices, which can be selected according to your own needs and conditions.

1. The benefits of choosing a domestic sportswear manufacturer:

First of all, there are no obstacles in language communication, which also avoids production errors due to communication. Secondly, because it is a domestic sportswear manufacture, it still has certain advantages in terms of distance. If you want to visit the factory during the production process, it is convenient to travel. Finally, after producing sportswear in domestic sportswear manufacture, sportswear can be obtained faster, which speeds up the delivery time.

2. The benefits of choosing a foreign sportswear manufacturer:

The biggest advantage of choosing foreign sportswear manufacture is the cost. Some countries, such as China, have relatively developed productivity and relatively low production costs, which can save a lot of costs.

7c. Know how many sportswear manufacturers can make at least.

The MOQ of each sportswear manufacture is different. Some manufacturers have a minimum MOQ of 200 pieces or some can be as high as 2000 pieces. Before cooperation, you must ask if you can help you produce it.

7d. Can samples be provided?

Before mass production, it is important to determine whether the product meets the requirements and whether there are samples. Samples can let you know the specific effects of the final sportswear produced. If you are not satisfied with the sample, you can change it. Once the large order is produced, it is difficult to change.

7e. Price

The price includes the cost of production and freight or whether additional costs are required. There are many ways of transportation, which can be selected according to the shipping time and freight. The production cost determines your sales amount, so you must communicate well in terms of price.

7f. What is the quality of the production and whether the fabric has been tested?

The quality of the production directly affects the company’s reputation, so the fabric must be tested during production. In terms of quality, we must strictly control the quality.

7g. Partners of sportswear manufacturers

Knowing the partners of sportswear manufacture helps to understand this manufacturer. You can check their website or find out their evaluation of this manufacturer, so you can choose this sportswear manufacture with confidence.

PART 8: Delivery And Distribution

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

8a. Delivery

After the sportswear is produced, it needs to be delivered, which is the final delivery. Delivery needs to go through several basic procedures: verification, customs declaration, submission of fees, and withdrawal of the goods. When verifying, the consignee needs to provide relevant documents; at the time of customs declaration, the consignee goes to the designated place to pick up the goods with the documents, and the import declaration needs to go through four steps; When picking up the goods, the consignee can sign on the delivery receipt of the freight bill after the consignee has checked it.

8b. Distribution

In fact, distribution is to consider the choice of logistics. There are three types of logistics: sea freight, air freight, and land freight. Sea freight will take a long time. Express delivery is generally air freight. FedEx and UPS among the four major express delivery companies are American companies, and UPS is the largest express delivery company in the world. The other two are TNT and DHL. TNT is suitable for going to places like Europe and West Asia, and DHL is suitable for going to places like North America and Australia.

1. DHL: DHL is also one of the most commonly used express delivery by foreign trade companies. It has professional services and provides fast shipping speed. DHL has a wide range of global coverage, providing services to more than 200 countries around the world, and is a local express company in Germany.


DHL logistics speed is very fast, and it has the advantage of speed in North America, Europe, Australia and other regions, and it will arrive within 5 days at the latest. In addition, DHL has stability and sufficient flight resources. Most of the logistics are direct flights, which are not easy to lose and are safe.


DHL is fast at the same time the price is more expensive, sometimes there are some other additional costs. In terms of customs clearance, DHL has a natural customs clearance model, so its ability to clear customs is weak. Sending via DHL has higher requirements for items. Cosmetics, liquid items, etc. cannot use DHL.

2. FedEx: FedEx is headquartered in the United States. FedEx has comprehensive services and a wide range of global coverage. What FedEx values most is safety, so when sending valuables, you can safely choose FedEx express.


FedEx has a great advantage in freight, compared with other express, freight is much cheaper. Sending FedEx express with a weight greater than 21 kg also has a price advantage. FedEx has a wide range of outlets, and it can also be delivered to some remote places.


Although FedEx Express has advantages in terms of weight, additional fees will be charged if the weight is greater than 68 kg. There are also certain restrictions in terms of packaging volume.

3. UPS: UPS is also a local company in the United States, with more than 400,000 employees worldwide, and has logistics in many aspects such as railways, aviation, and express.


UPS Airlines has a large number of flights, and will not delay the logistics even when the logistics is crowded, and can be delivered to customers in time. UPS generally takes only 2-5 days to arrive. In North America, the logistics time is faster and the price is more favorable.


There is no advantage in price, and the price will be expensive. There is no advantage of customs clearance, and no customs clearance services are provided. If there are customs clearance requirements, it is recommended to choose other express delivery. UPS has a lot of additional costs. If it is in a remote place, you need to add a certain fee.

4. TNT: TNT is a Dutch courier service provider. It was established in the Netherlands in 1946. It has its own logistics solutions and can provide you with door-to-door service and convenience for customers.


The speed of TNT is also relatively fast. If you are in Western Europe, you can reach it in about 3 days. If the goods exceed 21 kilograms, there is also an advantage, and the customs clearance service is good.


TNT’s advantages are only in Europe, and other places are relatively weak, and there are many restrictions on the types of items.

PART 9: Take Your Clothes TMarket And Make Profit

Fitman , FitmanPro , Custom Sportswear , Custom Sportswear Supplier, Sportswear Supplier

Now it’s the last step, bring your clothes to the market and make a profit. Start a sportswear business is to make profits in the market. The following steps are required to bring sportswear to the market and obtain profit:

1. There must be an online store to sell. There are many platforms for online stores, such as Alibaba and

2. Set a price for sportswear. To sell, there must be a reasonable price, so that customers can clearly understand the price of each sportswear.

3. Marketing methods. Selling sportswear requires marketing methods to make others interested in your sportswear and buy.

4. Packaging and transportation methods. To ensure that the sportswear will not be damaged during transportation, there are many packaging and transportation methods to choose from.

5. After-sales service. After sportswear arrives in the hands of customers, some customers will feel dissatisfied with sportswear or have problems with sportswear. At this time, special after-sales solutions are also needed.


The clothing industry is more competitive, including the sportswear industry. If you want to start a sportswear business, you must be prepared. To have a sportswear plan, every step is very important. If you do not have extensive experience, you can also try to consult experienced friends around you. If you have any questions, you can also consult us.

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