Direct to garment printing (DTG) is an emerging garment decorating technology that utilizes inkjet printing technology to send full color detailed designs directly from a computer to a digital printer with a garment loaded into it. 

The print heads then jet opaque white ink and translucent CMYK ink onto the garment and recreate the digital artwork. These inks are water-based, eco-friendly inks that are specifically designed to adhere to fabric when heat cured. 

FitmanPro offers direct on garment printing services to give customers a high-quality print in a full range of colors at a competitive price. Digital Print technology particularly caters to small to mid size orders. 

Using DTG technology, high-resolution art can be sent directly to the printer and be printed in minutes without any costly setups or screen charges. DTG makes it simple to create high-quality printed garments. This allows us to never have to say no to any size order.

Benefits of using DTG:

Soft feel with the use of water based inkFull CMYK color capabilityPhoto quality printingLower cost on small orders vs screen printingLow to no set-up with provided hi resolution art